There are a dozen companies all claiming to be on Shark Tank. They even have the guts to show a photo of two ladies, claiming they got all 5 sharks to invest. It is a scam. That photo was 2 inventors selling a cat toilet flushing system (or something, but not keto pills).

No Keto diet pills have been on Shark Tank. The remotely close items that have been on Shark Tank for teh Ketogenic diet is Nui cookies and Cave Shake. BUT NO DIET PILLS

Here is a direct quote from Mark Cuban, but again, don't believe any website (including this one!@), click on the link and see that it is from Mark Cuban's verified Twitter account. THEN you can believe it!

This is a scam. If you see anything like this please report them to the @FTC

— Mark Cuban (@mcuban) July 5, 2018

People are ordering this directly off the internet (ie, not on Amazon) and being told they only pay $4.95, but then $89 is taken out of their bank account or credit card.


  1. Call your bank or Credit Card Company and block or reverse ALL charges (including the $4.95). Ask them if you need to get a new credit card number.
  2. Call the goverment, the FTC 1-877-FTC-HELP AND use their online form
  3. Report EVERY pill bottle on Amazon that claims to be "as seen on Shark tank". Click here to find them.
The fraud goes by many names. Here are a few "Purefit KETO", "Keto Advanced Weight Loss" , "Honest Keto Diet", Fenton (how ironic!)

Still don't believe this website? How about a news article?